Underwater Lamp Fishing Light Night
Underwater Lamp Fishing Light Night
Underwater Lamp Fishing Light Night

Underwater Lamp Fishing Light Night

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 Fishing has been a part of our culture since we landed here.

Night fishing? Get the feeding cycle started quickly with our Bass Pro Shops® Portable Underwater LED Fishing Light. This pre-weighted fishing light gets down and starts working immediately, with 180 LEDs arrayed in a 5-sided design to provide a full 360° of light output. A soft green light is proven to attract plankton, which draws in baitfish, which brings in crappies and other predators looking for an easy meal! Connects to any 12V battery via a 17'L waterproof cord with alligator clips. Light housing measures a compact 6-1/2"L for easy storage, and is fully waterproof.

  • Essential for night fishing
  • A proven way to start the feeding cycle
  • Light Type: 108 LEDs
  • Power: 15W 
  • Light Color Options: Green
  • Working Voltage: AC / DC12V 
  • Light size (Diameter x Height) : Approx. 3.07 x 7.28cm / 1.2 x 2.87inch 
  • Length of Cable: Approx. 5m / 16 ft 
  • Weight:130g 
  • Fully waterproof construction


How did GREEN Lights work?

It works by attracting tiny animals called zooplankton, which attract baitfish such as shad, herring, and minnows, which in turn attract predator fish such as bass, crappie, walleye, redfish, speckled trout, and other species. Sportfish gather near or in the circle of light to feed. The angler drops in a bait or lure to catch them.


How to use the Fishing Lights? 

  • If your boat is moving or shaking from your fixed position, plankton or microorganisms are never going to gather around the light, and no fish will come for the bait. Silence is key.
  • Hence, anchor your boat in such a way so that it will remain stationary, and does not swing or move much. 
  • But you don’t have to use a boat. Fishing off a jetty or from a lake edge is also a great way to use these underwater LED fishing lights.

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1 * Underwater Fish Lamp with Power Switch

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